our story

Founded in 2015 in Dhaka, Bangladesh, Lidia May is a company built to do good. The Lidia May team takes a hands-on approach to cultivating craftsmanship from concept to completion. Lidia May embodies the dual visions of stylized luxury and social enterprise. 





May Yang is a global citizen who lived in New York and Hong Kong before going to Bangladesh to work in humanitarian aid. Yang's design aesthetic is informed by the enduring strength of women in the cultures she has visited.





Deeply committed to poverty alleviation,  the Lidia May team has partnered with the Lidia Hope Centre to empower women through entrepreneurship. Through our partnership we have provided training and new opportunities to over 300 women in Dhaka who create the one-of-a-kind embroidery that defines our brand, changing their lives and that of their family’s. Our highly motivated craftswomen produce the embroidery for each of our bags with true passion and care on every thread.


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